Shit I Learned This Week!

Monday 28th July, 2014

Shit I Learned This Week…. Despite being a Girl Guide, I clearly didn’t grasp the concept of “Be Prepared”, that my memory of synthetic organic chemistry is still well live and kicking after answering a few Quora questions, about pinging… (and not the kind where you take drugs, the kind that involves the internet), it is not a good idea to play ‘hide Turbo (the cat)’ and put him in your shirt because you get scratched, after year of not doing it, I still can’t bowl to save my life.

Monday 21st July, 2014

Happy Mondays! Shit I Learned This Week…. That I don’t remember the words to half the songs I used to sing in the pubs weekly despite thinking that I still do…, if you accidentally screw up cooking your seafood mornay, you can water it down, lie to people and tell them it is a chowder, losing toenails has to be one of the most irritating and disgusting things ever, one should never decide it is an excellent idea to drink 6 glasses of wine in an hour and that sometimes it is possible to feel more comfortable with people you’ve known for ten minutes than you do with people you’ve known for ten years.

Monday 14th July, 2104 

Shit I Learned This Week on the Overland Track!! It doesn’t matter how waterproof your shoes are, they are not only going to get wet, but they are going to get drenched, on that note, it doesn’t matter how deep you go, you can always go deeper (puddles people… mind out of the gutter and into the mud/snow), that you can go 12 years without seeing people and things are pretty much exactly the same as 12 years ago, a beard is a necessity for the avid day walker and I am not sure how to grow one, currawongs have clearly got to be one of the most cunning birds out and way smarter than me….


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