This Year I Almost Died….

Looking back on the year that was 2015, this was the most life defining moment. It has probably been one of the most defining moments I have ever had in my life. It lead to 6 months of struggling to do things I could ordinarily do with ease. It lead to having to face my capabilities as a human that I’ve never had to deal with. It lead to further illness in India which saw me nearly hospitalized again. It saw me accept that I need a rest. And so I moved to London. I know I have been slack on the posts lately as I have been so frantic educating the youth of London but I promise to get these going again. It’s time to take from what I have learned in 2015, grow, move on and be better. Happy New Year all! I’ll be seeing you soon!

Thomas Takes On....

So I embarked on Everest Basecamp super optimistically. I had the whole thing planned out in my head of how it would go. I had my diamox to manage altitude sickness, cotton wool to stuff between my toes for blisters, an array of different medications for pain, swelling in my knees, general antibiotics for skin/chest/sinus infections, even pseudoephedrine in case I got a head cold. I was more prepared than most. And yet what I was moving towards was nothing that I could have prepared for…..

Two days out from leaving for our trip, if you had have asked me who was going to make it to the camp of me and my friend, I would have put money on me. She had gotten a chest infection from the dusty pollution of Kathmandu and I worked tirelessly for two days doing everything I could in my power to get…

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