“YOU’RE CRAAAAAZZZZZZYYY!!!” The most common thing I hear from people I meet. But while I confess to being somewhat of a mentalist, I assure you that I am quite sane. I just decided long ago that even if you do manage the incredible feat of making 100, that life is even then still too short to not go out and give it everything you’ve got! Thus where I learned my aversion to the word “no”, and my need to take on whatever challenges present themselves to me. The more crazy and absurd the better! Thomas Takes On… is a blog that takes look at my life challenges and where the constant answer “Yeah cool, I’m in! Let’s do it!” lands me in my day to day living and travels throughout the world! Join me, Danni Thomas, on my journey of constant yes and ridiculousness!

Danni 2

Danni, when she is not gallivanting or doing ridiculous things around the world is a super responsible high school chemistry, science and mathematics teacher. She is a singer/songwriter who released an EP, Yours For The Keeping, in 2006. Delivering performances in many places around the world, one of her favourite places to perform was with the drag queens of Toronto’s Church St in 2010/2011. These days she just chills with her ukulele, does the odd cover gig for fun and writes ridiculous jingles. Other favourite activities are Crossfit, boxing training, cooking a million and one different varieties of pie, growing vegetables, International Spy Missions and hiking. Oh and travel. But she considers that a lifestyle, not a hobby!



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Danni!
    Just saw your comment over at Storytime with John…noted student reference & clicked over. Always fun to find fellow teachers blogging. Extra points for being:
    *self-described responsible HS teacher
    *blogger w/ moxie, in spite of profession

    Me? I’m figuring out how to incorporate my ‘other side’ into my blogging, without offending The Sensible Half (aka Ed world). Fine line, indeed!
    Glad to meet you. Following. 👍


    1. Thanks Robin! Yeah it always seems to be a fine line. .. you can be a teacher but it also seems to require you being a saint, which none of us are…. I just choose to live the best way I know how and that leads to this! Good luck with your blogging and finding the balance!

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A woman's lifelong aversion to the word 'No'….

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