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Coronavirus Can Kiss My Arse

Coronavirus can seriously kiss my arse. And if it did, I am sure that I wouldn’t end up with an arse infection that would warrant the amount of toilet paper that the masses of people around my country are currently are hoarding and fighting over in the supermarkets. That is because it is a respiratory infection. And last time I checked, excessively shitting from your lungs isn’t a thing.

A few bits of information, just for perspective. The percentage of people dying is way less than the most recent outbreaks of SARS or Ebola. The level of contagiousness is also not that much greater than influenza and certainly not as contagious as diseases such as chickenpox, measles or even SARS. Here is the biggest point. There are more people on a daily basis dying of cancer, heart disease, suicide, diabetes and all manner of other things, and yet these things don’t seem to be a problem. The global fat pandemic doesn’t appear to be creating the same hysteria about eating apples instead of deep fried chips for fear of having a coronary. Through swine flu, bird flu, SARS, Ebola, there was never such a massive meltdown within society.

Here is another fun fact. Within the first 9 months of 2019, there were over 40,000 confirmed cases of influenza in Australia and 4,000 deaths due to complications from this. Currently in Australia we have 59 cases with 3 deaths from coronavirus. Hardly a comparison….. So why the fuck is everyone going mental?

The reality is, the media is creating a hysteria by pushing its agenda of fear. A scared population is easier to control and manipulate and in this case the manipulation is manifested in the opening of people’s wallets. At a time of economic crisis, the best thing to get people doing is spending. But the thing is, not all people have money in their wallets and are living paycheck to paycheck, like uni students, pensioners, homeless people, people on welfare and disability. These people do not have the luxury of being able to bulk buy toilet paper, pasta, nappies, 4L drums of oil, frozen fruit, eggs or flour (all things I have seen evacuated off supermarket shelves in the last week). So if you are one of the bulk-buying hysterical people, consider not being an arsehole and having respect for others that have needs as well. You are not the only person on the face of the planet with needs and I have seen people with less in poorer countries behave with more dignity than people here fighting over a trolley full of toilet paper on the news.

I actually laughed with a friend earlier this week about devising a plan for a Darwinian-style cull at the supermarket. I will take one for the team and get the coronavirus and then go stand in the supermarket aisle and breathe on anyone who even attempts to try and take more than one pack at a time. Look, I get it, the coronavirus situation is ‘shitty’. It is needlessly scaring the ‘crap’ out of people. But if you could just be a respectful human, stop ‘taking the piss’ and do the rest of us a ‘solid’ by taking only what you need off the supermarket shelves, that would be fabulous. Thanks.

Secondly, this fear is stoking the fire of racism against people of Asian ethnicity within Australia. China is a heavily populated country, and the origin of this disease. But Chinese people didn’t go about engineering this mutant virus just to kill off a large number of thier own fellow countrymen and then to spread it to the rest of the world in a hostile takover. They are victims of this like everyone else. Moreso. And by creating hysteria and animosity in this situation, the massively religious, far-right fossils that run the government are using it to push their racist, anti-immigration agenda across the country either by garnering support through fear or pushing the agenda while nobody is watching because they are too busy having a massive meltdown. It is unnecessary. It is uncalled for. And it is unfortunately a trend within western society right now.

Regardless, people need to calm the fuck down. It is not the dire situation that the media is making it out to be. I personally am not going to change how I am living my life right now just because 2 out of every million people in Australia have a disease that will kill very few other than the elderly or immunocompromised people in a country with a world-class health care system. Have fun hanging out inside your house with all your toilet paper. I am going to bypass the hysteria and go live my life.